Week 2 —Phase 2 — Control

Things are looking good now, after all the problems last week we are motivated because we already have something working.

We presented our first demo on Friday and I’m still surprised how easy is to overlook some basic implementation, we still have this mindset about delivering something simple is enough, with this I mean, as soon as we got our Minimum viable product we relaxed but on the day of the demo we were asked about the scope of our application and that took us by surprise because we weren’t aware of that at all and that’s a big No.

Something I’m still not comfortable with at all are our daily meetings. We’re supposed to use an agile methodology but our meetings can last more than two hour, but at the same time those meetings are valuable because we can ask for help about something that is blocking us so we can help each other. I think as we grow used to the work, those meetings will be shorter.

About our project, we’re already used to what we have and all we’re doing is working on new implementations but at the same time as the project gets bigger we discover that maybe our approach is not the right one. We already have our project in production, a provisional one, so maybe we’re still able to refactor our code and break it if possible.

The same problem over again…

Little recap

This week we’ll be working with some more complicated implementation so maybe as the week goes on the essay will become more enriching.

Trying new things, trying to be better.